About Us

Florence flower shop is a flower shop that offers quality service and product to any customers since the year 2000. The owner has a decades of experience in the flower arrangement industry, they provide different kinds of flowers to choose from, for any occasions, celebrations, and events like weddings, funerals, anniversaries et, al. you wish it Florence flower shop will satisfy you with the service you deserve. The Florence flower shop envisions a shop that will continue its well-known service and flowers through years to come, added to these visions are affordable product without compromising its beauty, a timeless and beautiful arrangement of flowers that will stay on top of the market in our country of the Philippines. Our staff are skilled and well known for their flexibility in the workplace so ask them anything and they will ensure that you will get the best service in the industry no request is to hard no job is too difficult for our staff in Florence flower shop. We are located at 25 Del Monte Ave. Q.C and you can contact us at 0929483544 for more information or suggestion. Everyone in the shop will gladly response to your feedback and suggestions for our services. Florence flower shop has also established an online presence with the use of the online shop Florence flower shop and is aiming for having their customers choice freely without hassle and can simply order online.